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Family Law Property Settlement Lawyers Brisbane
Property Settlement Family Lawyers in Brisbane
Specialising in Separation Financial Agreements

Separated or Thinking about Separation?
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As your divorce property settlement and relationship law Specialists you get advice and help with family law property settlements following your separation including Family Law Act financial agreements, consent orders, dealing with financial property settlements following divorce through negotiation, mediation, collaborative law or litigation in the Family Law Courts.

Property Settlement Following Separation - Do you know what to do NEXT?

First of all seek advice, which is why you are here, and don't become overwhelmed. Make sure that your actions are reasonable so as not to lead into serious conflict (which might lead to unnecessary Court proceedings). If you are contemplating separation you should seek advice from a competent family law solicitor. Our family law team of Mark Francis, Randal Binnie and Sandra Kelly are experienced family lawyers and will help you get the best outcome possible for you.

If you and your partner are trying to reach a property settlement agreement but cannot agree how to resolve your property issues you should seek legal advice in relation to your particular circumstances. Be wary of advice to commence court proceedings without first considering your other options. Initial legal advice then negotiation, Mediation and Collaborative Law should be the first steps in most cases, except where family violence and/or abuse of children and protection of assets would prevent that approach.


If you have reached an agreement regarding property issues you should formalise the agreement to ensure that all financial issues are finalised between you in accordance with the provisions of the Family Law Act. This can be achieved by way of Consent Orders or a Financial Agreement (sometimes called a Binding Financial Agreement or separation agreement). Without a legal end to property issues litigation in the Family Court will remain a possibility even if you are divorced.  We have fixed fees for consent orders and financial agreements and can quote those fees after meeting with you in the initial appointment.

Contact us for:

·    Advice on your legal position - telephone or email us;

·    Mediation of your property issues;

·    Advice on how to deal with your family law (property and childrens) issues through the Collaborative     Law process.

·  Advice on how to minimise and/or remove the possibility of future litigation by way of Consent Orders or a Financial Agreement.

·   Prenuptial Agreements, Financial Agreements during a marriage. Defacto and same sex agreements before entering a defacto relationship, during the relationship or upon the breakdown of a relationship.

After all, your financial future will depend upon the quality of the professional assistance you obtain. Where property and children's issues are in dispute it is imperative that you are properly informed of all of the methods of resolving the issues in dispute.

We are committed to obtaining the best possible outcome for you and your family through alternative dispute resolution methods unless Court proceedings are indicated by the facts of your particular case.



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